Jewish memory and education

The snapshot album of a vanished family

The photographs on this page were entrusted to us by Mme Rosa Mendelson,
Maurice Wajsfelner’s cousin, when she came to the Maurice Wajsfelner High School in May 1998.

When you look at these photographs,
remember that most of the people you see in them perished in the death camp of Auschwitz.

Maurice Wajsfelner et son père  

This photograph was taken in the main street of the town of Crouy. Maurice is still a young child. He was riding his tricycle on the pavement when his father Jankiel returned from the market in his van. He took his son in his arms and set him down on the bonnet. Maurice is seen proudly sitting up.
Maurice et sa cousine Suzanne Maurice and his cousin Suzanne.
Maurice et ses parents à Crouy  
The construction that can just be seen in the background is one of the wooden huts built in the Soissons area after WW1.
Les parents de Maurice et son grand frère sur un marché  
Maurice’s parents (Bella and Jankiel ) were traders. They sold stockings and socks in the markets of the Soissons area. Charles, Maurice’s elder brother and their oldest son , often lent them a helping hand.
Maurice et sa cousine Suzanne  
The boys’ cousin Suzanne was the only one to survive the war. She now lives in Brazil.
Charles Wajsfelner  
Charles, the oldest son of the family, and Bella, his ( and Maurice’s) mother. They were both arrested in 1942, deported first to Drancy, then to Auschwitz where the were killed by the nazis.

Translation : Xavier Kreiss.
Great thanks !
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